SkyBlock SmartHopper Buyback Program


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Hello SkyBlockers!

As many of you have already probably seen, the SmartHoppers have become more and more buggy as time has progressed. This is a result of a plugin developer beginning to neglect the plugin and not providing sufficient support for it.

As a result of several bug reports, I have decided to replace the Hopper with a new plugin.

I have introduced a SmartHopper Buyback Program and the Hopper Shop will allow players to sell their SmartHoppers for the amount of money they spent to acquire them and upgrade them. The buyback program will be active for approximately 1 month before we remove the old Hopper plugin entirely.

We will begin to roll out new IntelligentHoppers beginning tomorrow. You should see the new IntelligentHoppers available for purchase in the coming days!

We appreciate you flexibility and understanding on this matter!

We hope to see you in-game!