ChoiceCraft Sunday Update - February 21, 2021


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Hello ChoiceCrafters!

Please review our Sunday Update for some exciting changes from this week!

  1. Network Updates
    1. Update all anti-cheat capabilities
    2. Work on Standardizing LuckyBlock configs
    3. Add ImageMaps to Emerald Rank on all servers. Each player gets a max of 50 image maps!
  2. Survival Updates
    1. LuckyBlock Reward Revamp!
    2. Change Spawner Change dynamics
      1. Players get charged $5000 to use the /spawner command
      2. Look at spawners and use /spawner *mob name* to change them now
    3. Replace /skull with /myhead with 24 hour cooldown for ranked players
    4. Enable beheading players in duels and mobs
    5. Enable Dueling spectate, top, and stats
    6. Tune mcMMO
  3. SkyBlock Updates
    1. Setup SmartHopper Buyback Program for a month
    2. Begin working on new Intelligent Hoppers
    3. Add custom Smaug drops
    4. Make progress on replacing Crates with LuckyBlocks
    5. Enable Island PVP setting for Nether and End Islands
    6. Change /repair perk to /fix
    7. Fix flight max time not working