ChoiceCraft Sunday Update - January 17, 2021

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Hello ChoiceCrafters!

Please review our Sunday Update for some exciting changes from this week!

[1] Migration Updates
[a] We are now 100% migrated to the new North American server!

[2] Network Updates
[a] Started Voting Reward Revamp project
Standardize on Auto Broadcast format and configuration

[3] Factions Updates
[a] Shutdown the old Factions server
Continued to configure the new server to prepare for upcoming launch!!

[4] Survival Updates
[a] Processed Live Map’s (we needed to re-render the maps after the migration)
Added purchasable Stargates to the economy
[c] Installed Marriage plugin
[d] Installed ChatControl and did some initial tuning
[e] Disabled bats
[f] Enabled keep-inventory in Dragon’s Den
[g] Tuned: GriefPrevention, Craftbook, LuckyBlocks, Stacking, and Mob Spawning

[5] SkyBlock Updates
[a] Configured auto-purge of bats every 60 seconds
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October madness!

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👻Hello everyone!

Some of you might know, but time to make it official! With the server finally being stable, and the summer sadly being over, we have been preparing a month of covid-19 and fall distractions for you all!

In the coming month, starting on October 1st, we are hosting a series of competitions with TONS of prizes! Ranging from in-game currency, and ranks, to a GRAND prize of a STEAM key to the much anticipated CYBERPUNK 2077!

Not only will there be official competitions announced all through the month, but there will be chances of winning prizes just from being active on the server! We have a number of in-game prizes on the line, along with Keys to MINECRAFT DUNGEONS, which can be won at ANY time, simply by being online and playing.

Along with the grand competitions, the chance of winning prizes from being online (winners will be completely randomised), we will also host a number of mini competitions, that will be run with no warning.

The grand prize is won...
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